We’re all a lot more ‘Alike’ than you think, Dakota’s single unveils

Melancholic dream pop band, Dakota create a lo-fi charm that will make you put your feet up at home and chill out. Then when you get to see them live, they’re ever so slightly different. Uplifting sound and gripping you from start to finish, electrifying sets will leave you wanting more. Revolved around how people are easily influenced by others, and how we’re more Alike to others than we’d like, it’s empathetic. 

Wall of sounds create a pioneering shoegaze effect for the track. Amsterdam based, the band have a sound that you’d only think would be real in a beautiful fantasy. Wake up, it’s real and it’s now. The song is about how people are easily influenced by each other and are more alike than they know or like to admit. Friedrich Nietzsche wrote the words “If you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back at you” which are freely quoted in the lyrics: at some point you realize that everything you dislike about other people is also part of you. Clever sharp performance in the studio recording is filled with charisma and has left me wanting to see the band live desperately. Any UK shows any time soon guys?

Their debut album is coming. Very soon. I mean, tomorrow kind of soon.
Listen below for an exclusive into the track.