Happy new music Friday everyone! This week we have something extra special for you all, an exclusive premiere of Cut_’s new track ‘Electrify’.

Creating “dark, flowy, poppy, alternative, electronic, live, weird, normal” music, Amsterdam’s Cut_ look to have plenty of contrast within their music, something which is more than present throughout this new track.

Cut_ actually started off as an improve Trip Hop act, although they met through playing in a one-off ‘Studio One’ inspired reggae band and now… they have a band mascotte/spiritual guru of a plastic garden flamingo for their current electronic project, so it’s fair to say things are never boring in camp Cut_…

‘Electrify’, which they wrote in a friend’s cabin in the French Alps, is all about the awakening of people in regard to corruption and misconduct of those in power, “the lyrics emphasise the need for strong leadership in order to resist a corrupt institution” they explain.

Cut_ take influence from a sparse amount of things from literature to society and of course, other artists. “We always have a mutual love for artists at times, we dissect their music and style and find stuff that brings us a new vision or approach,” they reveal, “from Nils Frahm to Nicki Minaj, it’s pretty diverse.”

Being based in Amsterdam they find that “the international and alternative vibe of the city” also influences them a great deal. “Amsterdam is a global hub with a rock’n’roll heart, we’re surrounded by people making exciting new stuff, there’s a lot going on,” they tell us, adding, “we need to escape the hectic life of the city to be able to write new tracks, sometimes we need to let it all sink in in order to create.”  

Coming up this month they have quite the handful of shows coming up, one of which is at Wildeburg, a new small festival in the Netherlands focused on electronic music. They have big plans for their live show too, “we want to make those a symbiotic whole, taking the live show to the next level.”