Some artists have nothing to show, Chloe Berry has everything to show in one track!

NYC based singer-songwriter Chloe Berry enhances a dream-like atmosphere in her lo-fi tracks. Taking inspiration from a variety of influences such as Fiona Apple and Angel Olsen, her unique style presents emotion within each number. Now back with her second polished single, ‘Nothing’ illustrates a feeling of loneliness while holding a comforting gaze of hope prominently.

“I wrote this song about being alone and how you can overcome feelings of emptiness. I wanted it to emulate the dazed feeling that coincides with sadness many times. While working on this track with it’s producer, Spoonuel, we very much tried to create a hopeful mood with the songs fast ending.”

Sounding like something you’d hear in a dream scene on a feel-good film, the narrative in the single showcases a simple but effective vocal range from Chloe. Featuring glowing instrumentation, the arrangement blossoms itself within it’s boundaries but experimenting it’s way straight for the heart. Flowing through the atmosphere with vulnerability, the slightly insecure number is relatable and stands as a memorable track in Chloe’s career so far.