Our faves get sweaty in their brand new video…

They’re well on their way to releasing their debut album early next year, but for the time being CHILDCARE are content with teasing their fans with its first outing ‘Man Down (King Kong Shake)’. A song first aired on this year’s Luckyucker EP, the London band have given it a new lease of life by expanding the refrain into a fully fledged track.

Deploying a smooth and understated swagger, ‘Man Down’ shows a different side to the band with bassy grooves and fresh harmonies. The DIY video for the track was filmed by guitarist Rich Le Gate, who takes out his competitiveness on vocalist Ed Cares via the medium of squash.

“When Ed and I play squash it’s thirty minutes (usually twenty-five due to punctuality issues) of mildly colossal warfare. A battle of feeble technique fought by two nice boys, with the desire to win,” he shares. “My slow-motion archiving of our games unintentionally created the video (my initial purpose for filming was to dispute Ed’s interpretation of squash obstruction rules).

“‘Man Down’ explores the bits of masculinity that reaches, even those of us who are aware of when we do “manly” things. The ego, the competition, it all goes on, whether we benefit from it, or not and as Freud said: “the gentle dance of squash brings out the subtleties and nuisances that are at play in gender role conformity”.

‘Man Down’ is out now.