Marking their return with the elegant electronic pop number, Carvel’ simply ask “Your Place or Mine?”

From the city of Basel in Switzerland, Carvel’ are a four piece collective that specialise in writing chart bangers. As the youth say, they’re ‘hip’ and very much writing mainstream music. Newbies to Born Music but they won’t be going anytime soon. Here with their first release of the year “Your Place or Mine?” dominates the airwaves with it’s ability of arrangement. 

Electronic pop at it’s best. Accenting with words rolling off the tongue, the vocals are a vague look into the future of pop. This is the first track I’ve heard of Carvel’s and it certainly won’t be the last. 

Carvel’ stated: “Your Place or Mine? Has been giving us a bit of a headache while in the studio. The bass line changed everything and after that all the pieces fell into place. We love how it carries the song without being too pushy. It’s kind of as if someone next to you is humming that melody that has been stuck in your head all day, encouraging you to sing along.”

Listen to the track exclusively below. It will spark your ears up with it’s motion of telling a story.