Park the car in a “Parking Lot”, sit back and relax to Caroline Lazar’s latest folk etherial track

Alternative singer songwriter, Caroline Azar resides now in Brooklyn after a move from Atlanta, Georgia. With her friendly companion cat by her side, she started pursing a career as a songwriter. Taking a real situation into account and layering it with a loose instrumentation, “Parking Lot” is the latest single from the songstress. Often compared to Phoebe Bridgers, you will definitely be able to hear fellow American artist Maggie Rogers in Caroline’s work. Both using human situations to shine through killer songs. Caroline fits slightly more in the folk avenue and has her own unique take on the world we live in.

Fresh awakening to raw vocals. Indie-esque, powered song is simple but floats in a complex rhythm that will leave you breathless. Intimate but effective, the simplicity is important to realise the near perfections in the track. This is a track that will stop you in your tracks to ‘feel’ something again. Like a plant reaching out for water, ‘Parking Lot’ is drenched with all the nutrients it needs. Surviving in a world full of over-produced mainstream music, it’s always lovely to sit back and listen to a pure track.

Here’s what Caroline had to say on “Parking Lot”; I wrote parking lot in response to the shooting at harvest music festival in Las Vegas. I watched the news nonstop for a week, completely unfazed at how normal this had all become. Every day I walked out the door I completely accepted the possibility that I wouldn’t come back alive, and that started to feel normal. Just part of regular life. I brought this idea to my cowriter and producer, Reed Gaines, and helped me centered my disarray of emotions into this subtle song, Parking Lot.”

Listen to the beautiful track below. Out tomorrow everywhere.