The electro-pop artist returns with her brand new single…

She may only be 21, but unsigned singer-songwriter Bryony Dunn¬†has been making waves as of late with her recent single ‘Full Bloom’. Emerging two years after her debut EP Love and Other Weapons,¬†‘Full Bloom’ eschewed the acoustic vibe of her earlier work for understated yet punchy electro-pop.

Now Dunn, returns with her second effort of the year, ‘I Can’t Look Away’, further solidifying her status as an emotive pop artist to watch. Following in the steps of ‘Full Bloom’, ‘I Can’t Look Away’ incorporates skittish beats and lush, full-bodied synths for a warm toned outing, Dunn being a commanding presence with a killer vocal hook and earworm chorus.

“This song so easily could have been just another inward looking sad girl song if I had let it,” explains Dunn of the meaning of the track. “I had a note on my phone for ages that was the first verse because I had realised that I had purposely avoided looking in the mirror that day so I could pretend I maybe was someone else for the day. However, theres only so much self deprication people can stand and thats why we brought the light in, of the love you can’t look away from. It’s for sure my brashest pop hook so far but I really love it for it.”

‘I Can’t Look Away’ is available now.