Turn that frown upside down with Brodie’s electrifying debut single

After years of being in the ethereal band Cathedrals, Brodie has taken to the stage for her own solo offering. Still being in both project, the songwriter has took her music down a slightly different avenue Here with her first single “Down Like That”, the track features Josh Jacobson. Dropping worldwide tomorrow, the joy from this new adventure shines throughout Brodie’s vocals. Beaming with light and a bright future for this project, as well as Cathedrals, the songwriter is destined for stardom.

“Down Like That” has been a musical exploration for me as a songwriter and a singer – written & recorded with my friend Josh Jacobson over the course of a few LA visits this year. It’s a song for summer, a joyful reminder to step out of the shadows and feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. It’s been a blast to explore this new musical territory, and I hope it makes you dance and smile and feel a little bit brighter” tells Brodie

As a song that you’d listen to with your friends for pre-drinks or simply to just liven up any mood, the summer hit fits perfectly for this time of year. With a positive attitude and a breath of fresh air, Brodie fits into this new project with great ease. In her natural habitat, “Down Like That” will be the stepping stone that achieves Brodie full fame.