‘Purity’ at it’s finest, listen to Brian Bradley’s track exclusively

James Blake meets Muse’s Simulation Theory, sound’s pretty versatile huh? Brian Bradley’s soundscapes are surreal on latest track “Purity.” Based in Minneapolis, MN, Brian creates a visual experience as well as an audio experience at his shows. That definitely lacks at a lot of shows, people don’t put enough work into their presence. After the amazing reception from previous EP “Future Oceans”, fans are excited for what’s next in Brian’s books.

Featuring a killer production, the track is a potion filled with a wonderful mixture of electronica and pop. Passionate track that has a lot more edge to it then modern mainstream music. What’s really interesting is the faded out ending. It has a strong impact and will leave you questioning the finish. Circulating the airs in the Born Music office from now on, this song will leave you on a buzz.

Brian had a lot of words to say for the release and here’s in a nutshell what he said. “We are born pure, then we become something else. Spend a lifetime trying to remember how to be light again. How to live without fear again. How to love without self awareness again, how to let go without want of return again.  I lost years of my life loving things that did not love me back. Pure, like the shade from the clouds drifting over us blocking out the sun while we played together until dad got home and we were called in for dinner, as rose coloured light filled the sky and the sound of a small creek nearby whispered as the stars started to peak out of the abyss and fall into our kitchen window.”