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Artistic Bonne Finken returns with a breathtaking take on being yourself while people try to bring you down

Award winning Bonne Finken knows exactly what she’s after and she’ll grab it with both hands. Songwriter, vocalist and producer all wrapped in one, she returns with an aesthetic look on being the best version you can be. “Down Down” experiences the ups and downs of sticking to your true self. With captivating visuals to go alongside the beautifully crafted song structure, Bonne had this to say on the track.

“As I’ve worked on my music over the years – I get pegged as “difficult to work with” by some – and it usually comes from people who can help me – and say they want to help me – but then they want me to change up everything in order to help me.  Change up how I sound, what I look like – usually they want less emotion, more hair…that type of thing.  They demand that I change into a thing that reflects how THEY would like me better. 

Sometimes that’s offered up politely and professionally – and I simply decline and move on to work with someone else.  Sometimes that’s offered up rude and condescending – and then I write songs about it.  This is one of those songs.  I’m lucky, that as I explore and push myself, I have teammates that I can always find my way back to – that let me be me.  Down Down is a song to the people who wouldn’t.”

A colourful, animated video tells the story of the song perfectly. It’s like a marvel comic that felt needed straight after getting over Avengers: Endgame. Buried with a dark sinister, the truth of the video is heartbreaking. This is a real topic that not many artists tell, but hearing Bonne tell the story makes it all that more personal. The mini film is wrapped in a tight blanket that is Down Down. With an industrial feel to it’s core, the songs arrangement is comforted with the truly infectious vocals. Taking off her upcoming third album “Gauntlet”, the track as well as the album is produced by Matt Sepanic (Stone Sour, Slipknot).