©Eirinn Gragson.

Six piece art-punk band, Boink are ‘Something Colorful for Sure’

Originating from Portland, Oregon, the breathtaking cloud of smoke the band generate through ‘Nod at God’ cements that their debut album Something Colorful For Sure – which drops on December 6th – is going to cause a stir within the art-punk, noise rock world. Filled with a surge of loud guitar melodies and lively hair-raising vocals (that remind us ever so slightly of the eclectic band Goat), its charged percussion stabs right in the guts. As the track continues to dynamically build, the pace increases leaving listeners wanting more.

Written by the band themselves and recorded and produced by Johann Wagner at Pinewave Studios and mastered by Amy Dragon at Telegraph Audio Mastering, ‘Nod at God’ allows Boink to mirror their perspective of the world we live in. Despite its relentless energy and atmosphere, it feels like a normal day on Planet Earth.

“Nod at God’ is our frantic exploration on the theme of chasing fame and the cyclical process of hope and rejection,” share the band of the meaning behind the track, hitting the nail on the head with its ambience. Overthinking can often getting in the way when frantically trying to complete tracks, but the ambition and perseverance to not give up makes them a whole lot stronger.

With similar vibes to cult bands Sonic Youth and Bo Ningen, the journey is only just starting for Boink, and my goodness, it looks to be one hell of a ride.

‘Nod at God’ is available now.