Run away to Neverland and stay forever young with Bikini Trill’s ‘Lost Boy’

Intertwining a mixture of influences, Bikini Trill give a subtle nudge to old school pop vibes within “Lost Boy”. Produced by Jared Watson (Dirty Heads), the latest release is off their forthcoming EP “Nah, Pull Over”. Due for release June 28th, if the EP is anything like the latest single, our summer playlist is sorted. With the custom artwork done by the band’s lead singer LJ, they’re bringing colour to the screens as well as audio. 

“The song tells a summery story of never wanting to grow up. It’s a commentary on the nostalgia of youth.  A lot of our songs and videos are inspired by movies we’ve seen- ‘Lost Boy’ was inspired by the movie Hook and the story of Peter Pan. I just keep thinking back to that epic FOOD FIGHT scene in Hook where Robyn Williams starts to participate and use his imagination and is finally able to see the magical world around him- simply by believing. I feel like we’re lost boys in our own way- leaping into the unknown and taking chances on ourselves and our art, living by our own code, and of course none of us want to grow up.”

Beginning with a sleazy bass line, the track is directed towards a global fusion of an offbeat pop banger. It’s a track that you can get lost in it’s core imagination. With it’s colourful but simple story, the glistening arrangement compliments the passionate vocals perfectly.

Listen to the track exclusively now.