Sometimes you find hidden gems in new music, Benedikt are just that with their beautifully crafted “Perfect Patterns”

Taken off their upcoming album out May 24th, “Perfect Patterns” is Benedikt’s lush awakening of feeling like there’s an escape in the night sky. If their debut album is anything like this track, it’s due to be a sprinkle of happiness on anyone’s day. Growing from Hans Olav Settems solo project, the folk collective grew to be a 9 piece. With this album being 6 years in the making, “Communal Work” has been described “like Britney Spears’ ‘I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman’ but with banjos”…

“Perfect Patterns is one of the first songs we made together as a band, with lyrics trying to describe the uncanny feeling one can get from staring too long into a starry night sky. Musically it’s kind of a weird blend between Sufjan Stevens-inspired playfulness and melancholic country-references.”

It’s a cinematic journey that would fit in a travelling scene of a coming of age film. A perfect blend of ambience is showcased through a wide range of instruments. As for the production, it’s warming and isolates a feeling of contentment. If you’re ever in a bad mood, this is the track you should go to. It will uplift you and feel ‘something’.