Ben Kidson showcases the feeling of being uncomfortable while in love in latest single ‘Normal’

Returning not long after his debut single ‘Keep It To Yourself’, Ben Kidson is back with a golden indie-pop track that soars with emotion. Titled ‘Normal’, the new single features a dance groove that illuminates Ben’s music in a completely different light. Armed with an emotive language, the indie-pop number details the feeling of someone who is uncomfortable being in love. ‘It’s not normal to feel like this’ rockets through the arrangement with a melancholic meaning while the uplifting rhythm reassures the subject.

“It’s about being so uncomfortable being in love, like that desperate kind where you are almost out of control, and you know it, but can’t do anything to stop it. Lyrics like “you can pull me where you want/with the puppet string tied round my heart” were centred around this idea that love can make you feel so pathetic. i wrote it back in February with this really sick electronic producer called Kova.

I really wanted to do a tune that had a similiar beat to a bunch of 90’s tunes like ‘There’s No Other Way’ by blur, and that’s where we started. In fact, most of the tune is influenced by 90’s rock music – the melody is really influenced by some of the more pop-driven Nirvana tunes, like I wanted it to almost sound like a nursery rhyme, and that guitar riff in the second half was designed to sound as grungey as possible.” – Ben Kidson

Emotionally, this is Ben’s most personal track to date. Honest and proving that he’s found his dream, Ben Kidson will have his name in lights and tracks played on Radio 1 in no time. Previously, he worked with developing pop acts signed to major labels, but now finding his own goal, this songwriter is setting sail for a beautiful sunset of an astonishing future that lies ahead.