Motivating you to get up and shoot for the stars, Belonging’s latest number features an uplifting theme

Chris Patrick AKA Belonging has gained support from BBC 6 Music and Radio X from his previous releases. Back with “Do Something, Do Anything”, he’s keeping the momentum going strong. Based in London, the singer songwriter blends 80’s synth pop with an indie punk energy in the latest track. Available everywhere from tomorrow, we’re lucky enough to get an exclusive into the energetic number. 

“Do Something, Do Anything” is about growing apart from someone, like a friendship turning sour,” explains Belonging. “The first verse is all hurt about everything coming to an end but then the second one is a bit more “hang on, I guess it was my fault too” – and then wondering if we can fix things or not. It’s that sadness when you realise someone you used to hang out with all the time is now indifferent to you, but realising that you’ve probably been the same with them without really having thought about it.”  

Featuring a repetitive nature with the backing vocals, the whole structure of the song is memorable and won’t be leaving your head any time soon. Serenading with catchy guitar hooks and it’s power to uplift, the strong indie influences nudge towards artists such as Blur & Everything Everything. With the world being a prominent indie listening planet, the instrumentation fits wonderfully. Lyrically, the song feels quite sad, but with it’s colourful atmosphere, there’s always hope.