Bambie conjures a indie-pop, electric tempest with her dark vocals and shivering beats…and you’re left in the eye of the storm, drenched by her melancholic and spellbinding melodies.

Emerging from a place of toxicity, ‘Hurriane’ is centred around the themes of catharsis and determining self-worth; her voice is a welcome siren song of empowerment. Bambie’s agency and reclamation of her self-worth is a part of a wider message we’re just starting to hear; that the femme is coming forth to the centre of society to form an unforgiving place of power: “Who I was and what I was capable of had been defined -and minimized- for so long by someone I loved, and ‘Hurricane’ was me breaking away from this person’s opinion”. But to reduce this solely to a story of reclamation wouldn’t do this justice; Bambie came to the realisation that much like rage of a storm – coming to terms with what happened wasn’t a straight cut path.

These complexities are echoed throughout the lyrics and highlight the often nuanced particulars of situations and feelings they give us, especially in light of a previous relationship. Bambie openly admits that she’s “still afraid of thunder” whilst noting that she’s the hurricane; she shows us how other’s perceptions and self-worth often overlap and may not be truly untangled. The process of coming to terms with it was exactly that – a process – and Bambie admits that like most of us, she feels a little messed up sometimes. “I am complicated, and a little messed up, but strong; like a storm.” It seems that Bambie has learnt that it isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass but rather, learning to dance in the rain, in spite of those who try to minimise your power.

Despite her sonic similarity to the likes of Lana Del Rey or Lykke Li, Bambie stands out on a ground of her own. Her music and visuals are firmly within the now, while her voice lends a timeless quality and resonance. Keep a weather eye on the horizon for this looming tempest of an artist, while you do, listen to ‘Hurricane’ here: