‘Fill The Void’ with BADLAWS. exceptional new single via Small Pond

Brighton based alternative rock band BADLAWS. are the next big thing in the alternative world. Here with a wonderful melody and a hypnotising riff, ‘Fill The Void’ is the latest single from the quartet. Combining influences from across the spectrum, BADLAWS. collectively form their own originality throughout their sensitive but empowering sound. After meeting at university, the band have only been together since Spring of 2018.

As part of the Small Pond’s ‘Emerging’ project (funded by the Arts Council), the project gives young artists the opportunity to record and release music via their studio. BADLAWS. said this about the process; “Being a part of Small Pond’s emerging artists programme was a great opportunity for us. It meant we could record a song professionally in a great working space with so many people we already know so well, along with there being a great vibe around the place. Working with Joe Caple as our engineer made the experience fun and relaxed. Joe really understood our vision and knew exactly the direction we wanted to go with this song and was a pleasure to work with.” 

‘Fill The Void is a song about feeling invisible. It’s a reflection on how sometimes we feel like we’re just existing rather than living. It’s all about feeling disconnected from yourself & the world around you, but the final chorus’ is the main motif to keep going and stay strong despite everything” – BADLAWS.

With elements of shoegaze, the modulated chorus on the guitar sings throughout the number. Easily flowing with a loose, chilled vibe, the production polishes the colourful track with hidden gems in the mix. While the verses feel experimental and slightly Cocteau Twins influenced with the instrumentation, the choruses refuse to be ignored with an elevating finish. Including sections where your imagination can run wild, the breakdown suddenly cuts out to just pure fragile vocals. Dark pop at it’s finest and a force to be reckoned with in the band’s discography so far.