Returning with her first release of 2019, “Feel It Too” is Aymee Weir’s latest glorious sound

Known mainly as a London busker, Aymee Weir sticks to her roots when performing and assures her songs are nothing more than human. Songwriting on a guitar and piano, she adds electronic arrangements to the tracks to give it that electrifying necessity. “Feel It Too” showcases that an artist can still be vulnerable while portraying their confident “I’m here to stay and nobody is going to change that” attitude. Proving that she’s more than just a busker, this talented songbird is one to capture all of your hearts.

“If you’ve ever liked someone but couldn’t do anything about it then ‘Feel It Too’ is for you!”

Taking us through frustration and wanting reassurance, the track has an uplifting way through it’s message. Complimented with layers of synths, smooth piano lines and a quirky melody, it’s the type of track that fits today’s mainstream charts perfectly. Fusing the singer songwriter approach, it’s great to hear that Aymee doesn’t stick to the ‘girl with just an acoustic guitar’ approach. Making the song completely her’s, she’s versatile and definitely talented in the whole package. 

Listen to the breathtaking number below;