Andria Piperni takes us down a contemporary R&B avenue with heartfelt vocals.

Singer songwriter, Andria Piperni, blends a contemporary avenue of Neo Soul mixed with Alternative R&B. Freshly made like a crafty cocktail from a stylish bar, every element is tasty and nutritious. As a child, dancing became a big part of Andria’s life. Maturity blossoms and the songstress unveiled a long for songwriting. Discovering artists and growing inspiration from artists such as Lauryn Hill. Based in Montreal, ‘Without You’ was co-written by Andria, Connor Seidel and Félix Le Blanc – a magical team in their natural habitat.

Gorgeously crafted chord progression that blends jazz and R&B together perfectly blesses the air. Neo Soul vibes screaming out of every crack, and every crack actually meaning a soft enlightenment that draws you in further. Here’s what Andria had to say on the track; “I wanted this song to speak to anyone who has gone through a breakup—not only in a narrative between two lovers, but in any kind of relationship—between friends, family members, and everything in between. Sometimes those are the ones that are hardest to let go of, because you never expected to lose them. There’s no right or easy way to go about it; you have let yourself go through the different emotions and try to find your way to the other side, where you can finally accept what is and move on.”

Check out the track a day ahead of release below.