The French-born British YouTube sensation returns with her gutsy new single…

When it comes to making a name for yourself in the 21st century internet age creating a captive audience is no mean feat, but singer-songwriter Amelle Rose appears to be winning. With a few years spent on YouTube – the present day equivalent to busking – under her wing, the 22 year old French-born artist garnered an impressive 20,000 views before embarking on a move across the channel at the age of 19 in pursuit of her musical ambitions.

Channelling influences including folk, pop and rock, new single ‘Fire’ sees the artist find her confidence with an unapologetic self-empowerment anthem. With a bittersweet tinge, the track traverses post-break up denial and relationship examination amidst soaring group vocals and gutsy guitars.
“Like everyone who goes through a major breakup, I went through several different phases trying to deal with it, and one of them was to excessively pick out flaws this ex-partner had to make myself feel better about it all,” shares Rose of her new single. “I was tired of writing sad, folky songs about how broken I felt and needed to have something that felt more like a celebration, and that’s why and how I wrote ‘Fire’”.
‘Fire’ is available now.