Bristol’s atmospheric art-crafters Ålesund return with the third single from their forthcoming EP Shift & Flux.

Haunting cinematics, total musical immersion and a beautifully Nordic twist; that’s the tour-de-force of Bristol four-piece Ålesund, and ‘If You Let Me’ ticks all the boxes.

Following the release of their enchanting debut ‘Shift & Flux’ in October, and the latter single ‘Lucid’ in November, the four-piece seem to keep getting better and better, finishing off their 2018 single trilogy with perhaps the strongest single from their dreamscape repertoire yet.

In true awe-inspiring Ålesund style, ‘If You Let Me’ sets a cinematic scene, beginning with beautiful lilted guitar chords and bass, drenched in ounces of reverb as they part to reveal Alba Torriset’s ethereal vocal – standing almost alone in the soundscape. It’s a track full of juxtaposition and dynamism, with the near sparse sounding verses building and rising to an emotional crescendo in the chorus.

Yet, despite it’s soaringly cinematic sound and dynamic intricacy, ‘If You Let Me’ comes from humble beginnings, written in the midst of writers block as the band stared blankly at the wall behind their piano. But it was here they found inspiration, reflecting on the emotional dichotomy of feeling “empty of all good ideas but also realising those negative thoughts get you nowhere.” It’s this conflict that lead to the overarching theme of the track, lending itself to the ever-shifting aesthetic of the Ålesund sonosphere.

All in all, 2018 has been a huge year for Ålesund. It’s seen them finish off their EP, put on their own sell-out shows in Bristol as well as a slew of festival dates across the UK, cementing themselves as one of the freshest new acts to enter the Bristol soundscape. We think it’s fair to say these Bristol pioneers are definitely ones to watch in 2019 and beyond.