After a spectacular debut, Alekxandr returns with the haunting and equally evocative ‘IF’.

Independent alternative pop artist Alekxandr left us in awe back in January with his debut single ‘s a l t c r y s t a l s’ and he has finally returned with the equally evocative ‘IF’. Citing Bjork, FKA Twigs and James Blake as influences, the South Londoner humbly works from his attic bedroom to create his marvels which he states has been “the medicine I didn’t know existed”.

‘If we do this, it doesn’t change anything’ are the poignant lead lyrics and candid words of Alekxandr’s ex-boyfriend in the lead up to their final intimate encounter. Unsurprisingly, Alekx states these particular words “haunted me because I couldn’t reconcile the familiar intimacy and the new detachment” as he remained in hope of making up.

Due to its particularly intimate background, ‘IF’ is sure to hold a significant position on Alekxandr’s debut EP LITTLEKING which follows themes of addiction, numbness, anger and the eventual acceptance during “the aftermath of a relationship”. Even the track’s foundation is built upon the click sounds produced while typing out break up texts, putting his words to the resulting percussion which you can hear underlying the rest of the instrumentation in the final mix.

“I worked on the production with my friend Aiden in gloomy Dollis Hill. We were both deep in our quarter life crisis and over the course of many bottles of red wine and cigarettes, our nihilistic pop song emerged through the smoke.”

It’s not all doom and gloom however, Alekx enjoyed taking on the challenge of transforming this standstill sadness into a dance track, and his success is unequivocal. The shimmering synths, rumbling bass, catchy vocals and infectious beat of ‘IF’ are almost impossible not to move to, although there is no doubt in the underlying melancholic tone below the bright, immersive soundscape.

Having previously played sold-out shows at Hackney Showroom, Alekxandr is planning to return at the end of the year following the release of his debut EP next month – if you were smart, you wouldn’t miss it!

Alekxandr revealed a little more into the writing process of ‘IF’: “My primary interest in making music is feeling and atmosphere; ultimately I’m trying to drag my inner world out into sound and honour the epic feelings that are otherwise hidden. Whilst writing this song I felt like I was living in an unrecognisable dystopia which led me towards the snarling bass synths and distorted vocals but I also wanted to make a beat I could move to. I love dancing to Jamaican dancehall and my disco favourite is ’90s Seun Paul who definitely influences the way I try to make danceable music. Dystopian dancehall.”

‘IF’ is available to stream and download on all major platforms now.