Sit back, relax and enjoy the premiere of Alekxandr’s new track ‘Old Friend’…

Inspired by the ‘808 swag’ of Kanye and the ‘primal drumming’ of early Florence and the Machine, Alekxander has pulled out all the stops on latest effort, ‘Old Friend’.

Speaking on the track, he explains that it’s “an incantation to expel residual feelings for an ex”, inspired by a phone call recieved from an ex just as he was getting over him.

“It was as though he felt the energy cord that connected our solar plexus’s snap. I had to get angry to save from getting soft.” Something which I’m sure many of us can relate to.

Alekx says that he wanted the chorus to feel like “a coven of witches chanting around a raging fire,” can you hear it? We can.

Interestingly, the drums on the track have been played by Alex Reeves, who’s played on the likes of Dizzee Rascals’ ‘Fix Up Look Sharp’ and ‘What’s a Girl to do’ from Bat For Lashes.

The track comes straight from Alekxander’s new EP, where he says each track feels like a different element. ‘Tell Jackson’ Earth, ‘Still’ water, ‘End of the Blue’ air and ‘Old Friend is most definitely fire.