Based in Germany, meet Aggressive Swans, we’re premiering their brand new track ‘Every Teardrop’ today, so thought it would be the perfect opportunity to formally introduce this brilliant duo to you.

“We love the sound of the 80’s, but also modern indie and electronic wave” Janko Reseta explains, adding that both himself and Matija Chlupacek are doing Aggressive Swans for “mostly love and joy”.

They both have classical backgrounds, Matija with the recorder and Janko with the guitar and an additional talent as a composer. “We met through classical music about five years ago and then have both lived in Munich for the past two years, hence Aggressive Swans.”

Their new track ‘Every Teardrop’ was created through the desire to have a solid set finisher; live ‘Every Teardrop’ is well over six minutes long. The track is all about crying out loud, how painful tears can be, but how influential it can be to watch someone cry.

“It was the goal where the ball jumped off the crossbar into the net,” Matija tells us, speaking about the track.

For those wondering what’s missing from the edit of the new track… they recently played Munich’s Streetlife Festival, where a live version of ‘Every Teardrop’ was recorded (see below).

Aggressive Swans have got a few more festival appearances coming up, too, from Digital Ist Besser (Digital Is Better) organised by Munich’s indie radio M94.5, to Sinnflut festival, based in Erding. “We love the summer atmosphere and people being themselves.”

“Festivals are like a world cup. Stunning, wild and airy. It’s about the heart, the emotions. Gigs are like the League, a marathon, got to be good all the time, but it’s a long term run.” They’re certainly fans of their football references, that’s for sure.