With X-Factor behind her, the singer-songwriter is set to shake up pop…

Abi Alton is determined to succeed. Having earned her stripes on the UK’s biggest singing competition The X Factor, she shined thanks to her authenticity, natural talent and playing her own compositions, before being chewed up and spat out like so many contestants before her.

But Alton has not let being ejected from the aforementioned competition weigh her down. Four years later and with time to develop her craft and live career, Alton has been gigging away in Nashville, supported the mighty Ellie Goulding on tour and saw her debut EP Souvenirs enter the Top 10 of the iTunes UK singer-songwriter chart. Now she returned with her brand new single ‘Never Come Back’…

Sporting a dreamy atmosphere, ‘Never Come Back’ mixes classic pop sentimentality with touches of folk, country’s Americana and smatterings of bright electronic touches. Charming yet confessional, Alton recounts the power she derived from her own hurt to make changes in her life for the better.

“‘Never Come Back’ is a move forward for me artistically and personally,” explains Alton. “It demonstrates a sound that I’ve wanted to achieve for so long and I’m excited about it. I’m working on the album over the remainder of the year, and will release and tour it in 2018.”

Abi Alton’s single ‘Never Come Back’ is available via The Firm.

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