French duo 3615 Nuits Blanches are back with their stunning new track ‘Dans L’Absolu, with melodies that will mesmerise, and depth beneath the music, their new track is très beau

Parisian electronic duo 3615 Nuits Blanches are excited to announce that their brand new EP ‘Confession Intime’ is out this summer. Not only does it feature stunning new track ‘ Dans L’Absolu’ but all music completely written in French. Sensationnel!

Working together doing what they do best, Antonine wrote and composed ‘Dans L’Absolu’ while Arnault provided the magical sounds and atmosphere around it, bringing the track to life. This incredible French track is all about the unsaid things, that other game that could be played by two consenting souls. No one really wins at the end, but the expression of feelings is sometimes worth it.

Antonine and Arnault juggle with words, sounds, keyboards and colours, with one of two antithetical devices that they stick by: heart and mind. There is no question of it: new track ‘Dans L’Absolu’ is très beau with melodies that will mesmerise, revealing the stunning vocals behind this track. Drawing on the duo’s sensuality and melancholia, this track displays a personal narrative as 3615 Nuits Blanches said ‘We exacerbate the feelings. We show all the things we want to keep hidden’. 

After a handful of singles and covers, the duo from Paris released their first album ‘About Last Night’ on March 2017. The pair have been working together for three years recording demos and finalising tracks and the release of their new EP has caused a great deal of excitement! All in French, this EP along with new single ‘Dans L’Absolu’ will have your head spinning, astonished by the beautiful sounds that are produced.

3615 Nuits Blanches’ new EP ‘Confession Intime’ is out the summer. So keep watch. For the mean time listen to beautiful new track ‘Dans L’Absolu’. Check it out.