• ‘Strange’ is a thoughtful piece of soul balladry from Celeste

    November 13, 2019  /  Celeste


    Celeste is on fine form on her latest offering ‘Strange’. The track cements the artists burgeoning reputation of one of the UK’s fiercest new talents. The number has an almost [READ MORE]

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  • Helen’s ‘Bloodfire’ is inspired by London, albeit, more tropical

    October 31, 2019  /  Helen

    Channeling a sound not dissimilar to that of chart sensations Mabel or Raye, Helen debuts her catchy new single ‘Bloodfire’. Born in Romania and with a jazz background honed in her native [READ MORE]

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  • Molly Hammar is impatient in ballad ‘Shortcuts (I Can’t Wait)’

    October 30, 2019  /  Molly Hammar


    Swedish sensation Molly Hammar returns with her soulful new single ‘Shortcuts (I Can’t Wait). Taking a slower pace than some of her recent outings – including ‘No Place Like Me’ featuring [READ MORE]

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  • Pool Cosby get in their feelings in ‘I Like You’

    October 28, 2019  /  Pool Cosby x denitia


    Brooklyn outfit Pool Cosby share their new collaboration ‘I Like You’. Teaming up with denitia, the artists concoct a lucidly sensual outing that draws from many a genre including R&B, hip hop, jazz [READ MORE]

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  • Cezaire’s ‘You Came In Time’ soulful and contemporary funk

    October 24, 2019  /  Cezaire


    Putting an undeniably contemporary edge on the classic sound of soul and funk, Cezaire debuts the sultry ‘You Came In Time’. Featuring the vocal talents of trans-Atlantic talents Phabo (from L.A) [READ MORE]

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  • Erin Bloomer brings flashbacks of UK garage in ‘Lately’

    October 17, 2019  /  Erin Bloomer

    FFO LIZ Y2K, Molly Hammar and old skool UK garage, ‘Lately’ by unsigned UK artist Erin Bloomer is sure to sate your appetite. Still in her teens, the singer-songwriter is well on [READ MORE]

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  • bülow’s ‘Own Me’ is an anthem of independence

    October 4, 2019  /  bülow


    German-born and Toronto-based indie pop sensation bülow turns her sound on its head with her latest release ‘Own Me’. Swiping aside the understated pop found in her hit singles ‘You and Jennifer’, [READ MORE]

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  • Fake Fake get tender on ‘Pretty Black Balloons’

    October 9, 2019  /  Fake Fake


    Canadian two-piece Fake Fake solidify their sound with the jazz inflected R&B of ‘Pretty Black Balloons’. Hailing from Victoria, Charlotte Hynds and Justin Campbell’s relationship morphed from casual collaboration to real friendship, [READ MORE]

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  • Moody and inviting, Audrey captivates in ‘Paper’

    September 30, 2019  /  Audrey

    Audrey strikes a captivating tone in her new single ‘Paper’. Drawing inspiration from trap, R&B and soul, the Korean-American singer-songwriter has struck a unique chord with her sound. Following in the [READ MORE]

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