• Hunjiya’s ‘give it/ get what i want’ leaves a mark

    June 25, 2019  /  Hunjiya

    Location: New York, U.S Label: Self-released FFO: Saya, Lenis, midnight R&B singer-songwriter Hunjiya is taking no prisoners on her new single ‘give it/what i get’. Born in South Korea and raised in New York City, the [READ MORE]

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  • Grace Gaustad makes an impact in ‘Photogenic’

    May 28, 2019  /  Grace Gaustad


    Location: New York/ Los Angeles, U.S Label: Self-released FFO: Mabel, RAYE, Caitlyn Scarlett With a beat that bangs and an attitude that packs a punch, Grace Gaustad cannot be ignored on ‘Photogenic’. The singer-songwriter may [READ MORE]

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  • Kayla Rae wishes for the best in ‘All Love’

    May 23, 2019  /  Kayla Rae


    Location: Denver, U.S Label: Unsigned FFO: Caitlyn Scarlett, Ariana Grande, Kehlani Denver’s Kayla Rae makes a stellar debut with her single ‘All Love’. Having built up a collection of tracks over on Soundcloud, the young [READ MORE]

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  • midnight puts a new twist on his track ‘Pressure’

    May 22, 2019  /  midnight

    Location: New York, U.S Label: Majestic Casual FFO: Saro, The Weeknd They may only have released their Nocturne EP earlier this year, but midnight is not one to stay satisfied for long. Having created a boldly glitching [READ MORE]

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  • Olive B gets personal on the intimate ‘Playmate’

    May 21, 2019  /  Olive B


    Location: Toronto, Canada Label: Self-released FFO: SZA, Lana Del Rey, Goldilox Toronto’s Olive B gets personal on her latest release ‘Playmate’. Luring listeners in with disarmingly understated guitar plucking, the track is unexpectedly enveloped by [READ MORE]

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  • Toronto’s Benita wants to keep it ‘Simple’

    May 20, 2019  /  Benita


    Location: Toronto, Canada Label: Self-released FFO: Kehlani, H.E.R, Ella Mai Toronto-based singer-songwriter Benita wants to keep it ‘Simple’ on her latest single. Channeling the likes of cult R&B artist Khelani and fellow buzzy [READ MORE]

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  • Isaac Dunbar’s ‘Cologne’ is hard to forget

    May 9, 2019  /  Isaac Dunbar


    Location: United States FFO: Chloe Lilac, Aiden Alexander, FINNEAS Label: Unsigned Sure to be as addictive as your favourite scent, Isaac Dunbar releases his latest single ‘Cologne’, further showcasing his [READ MORE]

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  • The best kind of love is ‘Messy Love’ with inHarmony ft. Louisa Laos

    May 8, 2019  /  inHarmony


    Location: Germany FFO: Nakala, SZA, Lou Val Label: Unsigned Germany based multi-instrumentalist and producer inHarmony releases ‘Messy Love’ as his third single of the year featuring the ethereal vocals of [READ MORE]

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  • Alice Rowe makes her official debut as she tries to ‘Figure You Out’

    May 8, 2019  /  Alice Rowe


    Location: United Kingdom FFO: Mahalia, RAY BLK, Mae Muller Label: Unsigned Alice Rowe makes her official solo debut with ‘Figure You Out’, showcasing her finely tuned trap tinged R&B sounds [READ MORE]

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