• NAHLI is calling out a ‘Mama’s Boy’ on her inflammatory latest single

    September 20, 2019  /  NAHLI

    Upcoming Essex pop-soul talent NAHLI has released her scathing new single ‘Mama’s Boy’. The artist brushes off any unwelcome memories of past love affairs by unloading some pent up, uncensored emotion. The [READ MORE]

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  • Talii celebrates self-empowerment and booty gains in ‘Thickness’

    September 19, 2019  /  Talii


    Orlando singer-songwriter Talii finds unapologetic confidence in her new single ‘Thickness’. Following in the wake of previous outing ‘Front Seat’, ‘Thickness’ is the latest track to be shared from her forthcoming debut [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Crush’ is infectious and sultry new R&B from Duckwrth

    September 4, 2019  /  Duckwrth


    Critically acclaimed LA R&B artist Duckwrth has returned with his latest single ‘Crush’. Directed by Grizz Lee and Mancy Gant, the video captures chance encounters that turn into impromptu dance-offs as Duckwrth crushes on [READ MORE]

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  • Ring Ring ~ Char’s ‘Operator’ is a bolshy statement of intent

    August 27, 2019  /  Char


    She may only be 18 years old, but Char carries a composure far beyond her years. As the first single to be released by the Los Angeles based singer-songwriter since her 2017 [READ MORE]

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  • Molly Hammar returns with a smooooth duet in ‘Show Me’

    August 9, 2019  /  Molly Hammar


    Molly Hammar has had a busy couple of years. First came the release of her debut EP Sex – a collection of anthems about female empowerment and independence – and her recent [READ MORE]

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  • Rising R&B star Delacey returns with her ode to ‘Emily’

    July 30, 2019  /  Delacey


    Los Angeles singer-songwriter Delacey returns with her latest slice of R&B, ‘Emily’. An ode to her best friend, the new track celebrates the admiration and affection between the two over wobbling synths, [READ MORE]

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  • Celeste celebrates her heritage and identity in ‘Coco Blood’

    July 24, 2019  /  Celeste


    Solidifying her one-to-watch status with her recently released EP Lately, U.S born and UK raised Celeste has been taking the music industry by storm. Continuing to collaborate on with Gotts Street Park [READ MORE]

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  • Hunjiya’s ‘give it/ get what i want’ leaves a mark

    June 25, 2019  /  Hunjiya

    Location: New York, U.S Label: Self-released FFO: Saya, Lenis, midnight R&B singer-songwriter Hunjiya is taking no prisoners on her new single ‘give it/what i get’. Born in South Korea and raised in New York City, the [READ MORE]

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  • Grace Gaustad makes an impact in ‘Photogenic’

    May 28, 2019  /  Grace Gaustad


    Location: New York/ Los Angeles, U.S Label: Self-released FFO: Mabel, RAYE, Caitlyn Scarlett With a beat that bangs and an attitude that packs a punch, Grace Gaustad cannot be ignored on ‘Photogenic’. The singer-songwriter may [READ MORE]

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