• Askling’s talent is laid bare on her intimate new single ‘So Precious’

    September 21, 2018  /  Askling

    Location: Denmark FFO: Fie Laursen, Cisilia Label: GL Music Entertainment ‘So Precious’ is the third single from Danish vocal talent Askling. The track has mainstream pop appeal written all over it due to [READ MORE]

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  • Hildur is the ‘Picture Perfect’ image of female empowerment

    September 21, 2018  /  Hildur

    Location: Iceland FFO: Yari Blue, Akine, Banks Label: AntiFragile When you think of contemporary pop, it usually draws to mind sugary-sweet synth, thumping bass and club-fuelled hooks, but Hildur‘s music is not all dulcet [READ MORE]

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  • Skyler Stonestreet’s new single is so good that ‘It Kinda Hurts’

    September 21, 2018  /  Skyler Stonestreet


    Location: Los Angeles, USA FFO: Carly Paige, Elley Duhé Label: Unsigned Skylar Stonestreet is an acclaimed songwriter who has written for artists such as Dua Lipa, Marshmallo and Cheat Codes as well as having [READ MORE]

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  • Your heart will ‘Belong’ to Pawl’s entrancing pop-fuelled electro

    September 21, 2018  /  Pawl

    Location: Stockholm, Sweden FFO: Oliver Nelson, Le Youth Label: Amuseio AB There’s not enough lads pumping out bass-heavy electro-pop in the scene these days, but Pawl‘s here to change the game. Taking the ethereal [READ MORE]

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  • Jung release their catchy new pop single ‘Wasteland’

    September 21, 2018  /  Jung

    Location: Sweden FFO: Join The Riot, HUMAN Label: Universal Music Henrik and Tom Ljungqvist are two Swedish brothers have been around the music scene for their whole lives, and have decided, for the [READ MORE]

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  • ‘On Top’ is exactly where London songstress TĀLĀ is going to be

    September 21, 2018  /  TĀLĀ


    Location: London FFO: Tei Shi, Empress Of, Banks Label: The Duchess Records Following the release of her cathartic, downtempo hip-pop piece ‘Bedtime,’ London songstress TĀLĀ returns with a post-summer scorcher, ‘On Top.’ And ‘On Top’ [READ MORE]

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  • Cait gets introspective on avant-garde pop track ‘Who?’

    September 21, 2018  /  Cait


    Location: Los Angeles, USA FFO: Ava Bryant, Dani Rae Vaughn Label: Tall Blonde Records This avant-garde yet accessible electronic pop track is the latest single from LA singer-songwriter Cait. On ‘Who?’, Cait tackles [READ MORE]

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  • It’s tough not to want Highschool Jacob’s synth-filled track ‘As Long As You Want Me’

    September 20, 2018  /  Highschool Jacob


    Location: Los Angeles, USA FFO: TWINKIDS, courtship Label: Unsigned LA Alt-Pop artist Highschool Jacob spills it all out on this new track. Accosted by the warm synth tones that breeze through, he [READ MORE]

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  • Hazey Eyes and Yoke Lore team up for a soulful sonic wonder, ‘Scars’

    September 19, 2018  /  Hazey Eyes


    Location: Philadelphia, USA FFO: BLYNE, Moglii, Alex Lustig Label: Unsigned Classically trained producer Hazey Eyes teams up with singer-songwriter Yoke Lore for this soulful electro-pop swinger, ‘Scars.’ Revolving around relationships, and their darker sides, ‘Scars’ [READ MORE]

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