• NAHLI is calling out a ‘Mama’s Boy’ on her inflammatory latest single

    September 20, 2019  /  NAHLI

    Upcoming Essex pop-soul talent NAHLI has released her scathing new single ‘Mama’s Boy’. The artist brushes off any unwelcome memories of past love affairs by unloading some pent up, uncensored emotion. The [READ MORE]

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  • Moncrieff gives us a taster of upcoming EP with ‘Like I Do’

    September 18, 2019  /  Moncrieff


    Set for release later this year, in October, The Early Hurts will be the debut EP from Moncrieff. ‘Like I Do’ is the first taster of that EP. With a strong and soulful vocal [READ MORE]

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  • LOVA implores fathers to be positive role models on shining new electo-pop single ‘Daddy Issues’

    September 18, 2019  /  Lova

    At just 21-years-old, Swedish singer and songwriter LOVA is crafting thoughtful and catchy pop bops that belie her years. Her latest offering ‘Daddy Issues’ is a rallying call to dads, imploring [READ MORE]

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  • Rising LA star Delacey shows off her cinematic side on blockbuster new single ‘Actress’

    September 14, 2019  /  Delacey


    Born Music favourite Delacey is back with her latest single ‘Actress’. The track sees the artist continue to develop her sultry sound, this time with more indie rock sensibilities, showcasing intricate [READ MORE]

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  • Emily Chambers wants a ride or die ‘Girlfriend Like You’

    September 11, 2019  /  Emily Chambers


    One of the best things about music, in our opinion, is that it can really make you feel stuff. Which is why it’s always great when a songs subject surprises [READ MORE]

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  • Daniella Mason embraces pure pop on ‘Woman Lover Powerful’

    September 11, 2019  /  Daniella Mason


    Arguably, there’s no such thing as a perfect pop song. The genre is often looked down on and overlooked for just how complex it can be. Daniella Mason is evidently someone who [READ MORE]

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  • Orla Gartland returns with stunning new effort ‘Did It To Myself’

    September 11, 2019  /  Orla Gartland

     With layers upon layers, melancholy lyrics that are bathed in emotion and, of course, Orla Gartland’s signature stripped sound, there’s so much to love about new track, ‘Did It To Myself’. [READ MORE]

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  • Patawawa continue their funky streak with ‘That Guy’

    September 10, 2019  /  Patawawa


    Matlock’s indie-disco trio, Patawawa have dropped yet another dance-able bop in new track ‘That Guy’. Recorded live and direct in their bedrooms, the single was debuted at half time at Sheffield [READ MORE]

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  • Neoni gets dark on new effort ‘Never Say Die’

    September 10, 2019  /  NEONI


    Imagine Lorde and Billie Eillish had a child, what would you get? The answer is NEONI. ‘Never Say Die’ is a brilliantly dark and dramatic pop song, powered by incredible vocal talent. Working [READ MORE]

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