• Gamma Dog’s ‘Wa’ is a journey that you need to go on

    June 18, 2019  /  Gamma Dog


    Location: USA Label: Independent FFO: Grizzly Bear, The Naked and Famous, Fitz and the Tantrums From the get-go, ‘Wa’ is a sonic experience for the ears and mind. The whole track is a [READ MORE]

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  • Australia’s Greta Stanley is contemplative on ‘Follow Suit’

    June 17, 2019  /  Greta Stanley


    Location: Queensland, Australia Label: Double Drummer FFO: Eisley, Asha Jeffries, Alice Skye She may possess a disarmingly sweet vocal tone, but Greta Stanley is capable of packing a punch. The Australian artist carries a [READ MORE]

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  • The Velvet Hands get to the point on ‘Don’t Be Nice To Me’

    June 14, 2019  /  The Velvet Hands

    Location: Cornwall Label: Independent FFO: Fontaines DC, The Blinders A whirlwind of a track, taking up no more of your time than 1 minute and 59 seconds, but The Velvet Hands don’t need [READ MORE]

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  • ‘I Feel Like’ listening to Johnny Kills’ new track!

    June 13, 2019  /  Johnny Kills


    Location: London/Brighton Label: Killing Moon FFO: Heavy Lungs, The Orielles, Fangclub We’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of new material from Johnny Kills this year and it’s finally happened! ‘I Feel Like’ comes with [READ MORE]

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  • MIYNT conjures a psychedelic summer in ‘Peaches’

    June 12, 2019  /  Miynt


    Location: Sweden Label: B3SCI Records FFO: Melody’s Echo Chamber, Mini Mansions, Wild Ones Channelling hazy psychedelia, MIYNT conjures the lucid sound of summer in her latest release ‘Peaches’. Hailing from Sweden, the singer-songwriter has returned [READ MORE]

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  • Boston’s Helenor is tired of people being ‘Wasteful’

    June 10, 2019  /  Helenor


    Location: Boston, U.S Label: Self-released FFO: The Flaming Lips, Pavement, Weezer Boston’s Helenor return with the final single from their forthcoming album with ‘Wasteful’. Channelling the slacker rock sound of such pivotal bands as The Flaming [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Indulge’ in the new track from Pool Surfers

    June 6, 2019  /  Pool Surfers


    Location: California Label: Unsigned FFO: Sticky Fingers, Ocean Alley, Private island Summer is upon us (well, kind of right?) and who doesn’t love to sit back and listen to some relaxed, lo-fi indie [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Who’s The Narcissist?’ It’s certainly not Ramonda Hammer

    June 5, 2019  /  Ramonda Hammer


    Location: LA Label: New Professor FFO: Courtney Barnett, Illuminati hotties, Leggy Straight from the Ramonda Hammer’s debut album I Never Wanted Company set for release next Friday (June 14th), ‘Who’s The Narcissist?’ is a plucky [READ MORE]

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  • Silque have gone all 1975 on us with the new track title…

    June 4, 2019  /  Silque


    Location: Denmark Label: We Are Suburban FFO: War On Drugs, The Smiths Silque have released new track ‘When I Look At You It Feels Like Being Punched In The Face (But You Know [READ MORE]

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