• ‘My Cup’ is an irresistible new indie pop single from Bowling Shoes

    August 24, 2019  /  Bowling Shoes

    Rhode Island outfit Bowling Shoes have released their latest single ‘My Cup’. The track is an indelible and irresistible indie pop banger that is as lovable as it is sharp. From [READ MORE]

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  • Cari Cari announce themselves with a battle cry in ‘ANAANA’

    August 20, 2019  /  Cari Cari


    As with all great two-pieces bands, the members are working full throttle to make their sound as engaging as possible. Austrian duo Cari Cari are no exception, but rarely do two people [READ MORE]

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  • Shikoswe dives into the deep end in new single ‘Swimming’

    August 19, 2019  /  Shikoswe


    Fans of bands such as Beach House and Snail Mail are in for a treat with the latest outing by Shikoswe. The Norwegian artist has a deft knack for capturing a dreamy [READ MORE]

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  • Faux Ferocious identify the ‘Price of Progress’

    August 14, 2019  /  Faux Ferocious


    Fans of Parcquet Courts will like this post-punk effort from Nashville’s Faux Ferocious. The track is pretty consistent throughout, solid riffs paving the way for the punchy vocals to come through. The [READ MORE]

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  • Parachute Words want to get to know your ‘Funny Heart’

    August 5, 2019  /  Parachute Words


    London-based singer-songwriter Parachute Words returns with new single ‘Funny Heart’. Following the previous release ‘It’s Quiet’, the latest outing by man-behind-the-moniker Martino Gasparrini is an intimate ode to love. Continuing his penchant [READ MORE]

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  • Heavy, scathing and unrelenting, this is Stay Voiceless’ ‘Where’s Our Revolution Summer?’

    August 2, 2019  /  Stay Voiceless

     Stay Voiceless have returned with their heavy and emphatic new single ‘Where’s Our Revolution Summer?’. The track, a scathing criticism of social media and the lengths that people to go [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Light Shine In’ is the rousing and powerful new single from Wilder Woods

    August 2, 2019  /  Wilder Woods

    Atlantic recording artist Wilder Woods – known to many as Bear Rinehart – has released his latest video for “Light Shine In,” the lead track off his forthcoming debut album, WILDER [READ MORE]

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  • Glossii are ‘Watching Me’ on new track

    August 1, 2019  /  Glossii

    Glossii first came to our attention through the Big Indie Big Nights program, and boy have we loved them ever since. Their new effort ‘Watching Me’ sees them take a [READ MORE]

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  • Your Smith whisks us away on ‘In Between Plans’

    August 1, 2019  /  Your Smith


    Los Angeles-based artist Your Smith takes us on a wild trip on her new single ‘In Between Plans’. Relocating to the sunny west coast from Minneapolis in pursuit of her career, the [READ MORE]

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