• JUMANJI take us all ‘Higher’ on their enthralling new track

    September 19, 2017  /  JUMANJI


    Location: Brighton FFO: Orchards, Fickle Friends Label: Unsigned Highly melodic, complete with dreamy riffs and an enviable level of indie infectiousness; Brighton-based indie-pop six-piece, JUMANJI, have seriously blown us away with ‘Higher’.  

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  • Grace Mitchell’s ‘French Becky’ is a spite fuelled masterpiece

    September 18, 2017  /  Grace Mitchell


    Location: Portland FFO: Verité, I Blame Coco Label: Republic Records   Grace Mitchell’s latest follows a flawless string of very impressive singles. ‘Capital Letters’, ‘Come Back For You’, ‘Kids (Ain’t [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Opalite’ by Martin Luke Brown is the catchiest thing you’ll hear this week

    September 18, 2017  /  Martin Luke Brown


    Location: London FFO: Leo Stannard,Will Joseph Cook Label: LAB Records   With a new, poppier sound, Martin Luke Brown’s newest release is one of those tracks that grabs your attention [READ MORE]

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  • Veronica Bianqui’s track ‘Victim’ has one hell of a powerful message

    September 17, 2017  /  Veronica Bianqui


    Location: California FFO: The Abigails, The Banks Label: Lolipop Records Garage-rock with an R&B twist, its Veronica Bianqui. With a powerful message infused in the lyrics, the track is a [READ MORE]

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  • Listen to the undeniable pop hit ‘Ride The Wave’ by Cosmos & Creature!

    September 15, 2017  /  Cosmos & Creature


    Location: California FFO: Fickle Friends, Attom Label: Unknown Transport yourself back to the summer sun, ‘Ride The Wave’ is the perfect tune to take you to pure tranquility. A poppy [READ MORE]

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  • Zak Abel is liberated in ‘Only When We’re Naked’

    January 1, 1970

    Location: London, UK FFO: Honne, MNEK, Kwabs Label: Atlantic Records UK Zak Abel is liberated in his new release ‘Only When We’re Naked’. The latest feel-good anthem shared from his forthcoming debut [READ MORE]

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  • MUNA return at their retro-pop best with ‘In My Way’

    January 1, 1970

    Location: Los Angeles, U.S FFO: Fickle Friends, Vaults, FOURS Label: RCA Records MUNA return at their retro-pop best with ‘In My Way’. The Los Angeles trio are back with their first single since [READ MORE]

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  • Fears Chella think you’re so ‘Lush’… honest!

    January 1, 1970

    Location: Manchester, UK FFO: Misfires, Riscas, Escapades Label: Supa Rouge Records Fears Chella think you’re so ‘Lush’… honest! And if their latest single is anything to go by, they’ve been crushing for a [READ MORE]

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  • Wild Ones’ ‘Standing In The Back At Your Show’ is perfectly sedate dream pop

    September 15, 2017  /  Wild Ones


    Location: Portland FFO: Alvvays, Cults Label: Top Shelf Records   From their upcoming album Mirror Touch, ‘Standing In The Back At Your Show’ is the dreamy new single from Portland’s [READ MORE]

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