• MUNYA’s ‘Some More’ is a touching tribute to herself

    October 22, 2018  /  MUNYA


    Location: Montreal, Canada FFO: Melody’s Echo Chamber, Beach House, Grizzly Bear Label: Luminelle  MUNYA‘s operatic sensibilities are downplayed and channeled into something more raw, on emotive new single, ‘Some More’. [READ MORE]

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  • ANNALIA’s blend of organic pop is just as intoxicating on ‘Cycles’

    October 22, 2018  /  ANNALIA


    Location: Los Angeles, USA FFO: Carly Rae Jepsen, MUNA, Shura Label: Unsigned The summation of ANNALIA‘s life and career can be heard on ‘Cycles’, a shimmering cut of the LA [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Let’s Fall In Love For The Night’ is FINNEAS’ stripped-back new single

    October 19, 2018  /  FINNEAS

    Location: Los Angeles, USA FFO: Conan Gray, Billie Eilish Label: Unsigned FINNEAS is the benchmark for hardworking musicians in 2018. Alongside releasing stellar new singles, he is also about to embark on Billie [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Nino’ is the dreamy new single from Bessie Turner

    October 19, 2018  /  Bessie Turner


    Location: East Anglia, UK FFO: Courtney Barnett, Japanese House Label:  Don’t Try/ LAB Bessie Turner has wasted no time following up on her lauded EP 22:22 with the release of her latest single ‘Nino’. [READ MORE]

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  • Anna Wolf steps out of the shadows on powerful debut ‘Believer’

    October 19, 2018  /  Anna Wolf

    Location: South Africa & London FFO: Meg Myers, Lola Marsh Label: Unsigned ‘Believer’ is the debut single from Anna Wolf, a powerful, poignant cut that marks the start of her journey of self discovery [READ MORE]

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  • Silly Boy Blue is up for ‘The Fight’ on her soaring new single

    October 18, 2018  /  Silly Boy Blue


    Location: Paris, France FFO: ViVii, Kira, Daniella Mason Label:  Les Nouvelles Productions Indépendantes Ahead of her debut EP But You Will out 26th October, Parisian songstress Ana Benabdelkarim aka. Silly Boy Blue shares the striking first [READ MORE]

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  • Arthur Wimble returns with his emotional tour de force, ‘I’ll Pretend’

    October 18, 2018  /  Arthur Wimble


    Location: Brisbane, Australia FFO: Jadu Heart, Leisure Suite, Mura Masa Label: Unsigned Synth-pop with feeling; that’s the muse behind Australian producer Arthur Wimble‘s nuanced electronica. Wimble’s not afraid to say it like it is, [READ MORE]

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  • Hydromag offers a window to his soul with ‘P.J.R’

    October 18, 2018  /  Hydromag


    Location: Canterbury, UK FFO: Yehan Jehan, Tiny Deaths Label: Ferocious Label Services There’s something beautifully personal about one-man-orchestra Hydromag‘s music; and in a time thwarted by a rise in mental health it’s as important as [READ MORE]

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  • Fix your broken heart with Highschool Jacob’s ‘Leave U First’

    October 18, 2018  /  Highschool Jacob

    Location: Los Angeles FFO: Aaron Childs, courtship. Label: Unsigned Breakups are hard, whether it’s the end of a short fling or a five year romance, there’s that sinking feeling that seems to permeate [READ MORE]

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