• We ‘Want You’ To Check Out Tom Speight’s Latest

    August 15, 2018  /  Tom Speight


    Location: London, UK FFO: Juke Ross, Declan J Donovan Label: Unsigned London based singer-songwriter Tom Speight returns with the first taste of his debut album, set for release in Spring 2019. ‘Want You’ [READ MORE]

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  • Give ‘All Your Love’ to Dustin Tebbutt’s new beautifully crafted song

    August 14, 2018  /  Dustin Tebbut


    Location: Australia FFO: Hollow Coves, Harrison Storm, Ben Howard Label: Eleven: A Music Company Australian singer-songwriter Dustin Tebbutt returns with his new single, ‘All Your Love’.  The single was originally released [READ MORE]

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  • Listen to TYGERMYLK’S beautiful new single ‘What God Would Keep Us Apart’

    August 13, 2018  /  TYGERMYLK


    Location: United Kingdom FFO: Laura Reznek Label: AWAL Brighton based indie-folk band TYGERMYLK release their debut single ‘What God Would Keep Us Apart’. A beautiful track, both vocally and musically. [READ MORE]

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  • Grace Gillespie returns with a captivating new single, ‘Lady Make Believe’

    August 3, 2018  /  Grace Gillespie


    Location: London FFO: Laura Marling, Bon Iver Label: Kaleidoscope Following the release of her beautifully raw folk debut, ‘Restoration’ earlier this year, Grace Gillespie returns with a double-A-side featuring the balladical ‘Lady Make Believe,’ [READ MORE]

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  • Check Out Aaron James ‘Kauri Wood’

    August 10, 2018  /  Aaron James


    Location: Memphis, Tennessee, USA FFO: Bon Iver, Daughter Label: Unsigned The first taste of Aaron James’ upcoming EP Hibernate, ‘Kauri Wood’ is stripped back, simple, and shows a man at the [READ MORE]

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  • Save yourself with Johan Danno’s powerful single, ‘Rescue Me’

    August 1, 2018  /  Johan Danno

    Location: South Florida, US FFO: Sam Ryder, John Mayer Label: Unsigned It’s not often you come across an artist who puts as much heart and soul into his music as Johan Danno, the South [READ MORE]

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  • Riley Pearce Creates A Beautiful Folk Backdrop On ‘If I Knew’

    July 27, 2018  /  Riley Pearce


    Location: Perth, Australia FFO: Bon Iver, Lucy Rose Record Label: Unsigned A beautiful, yet harrowing song, ‘If I Knew’ shows Riley Pearce‘s ability to combine his passionate vocals with grand, folk backdrops. ‘If I [READ MORE]

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  • Take a trip to ‘Uncertain, CA’ with Grace Inspace

    July 26, 2018  /  Grace Inspace

    Location: California FFO: Odina, Sam Valdez, Juliana Daugherty Label: AWAL A lyricist, singer, but a drummer at heart, Grace Inspace crafts pop that often begins its life as simple beats played on her own kit, with [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Go Easy’ With Chirpy’s Fantastic New Ballad

    July 24, 2018  /  Chirpy

    Location: County Dublin, Ireland FFO: Laura Welsh, Lykke Li, AWOLNATION Record Label: Unsigned A dark and sinister dream-pop track, Chirpy‘s ‘Go Easy’ is an excellent introduction to this Irish singer. Having released her debut [READ MORE]

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