• Merging genres for an original sound, Lonelyspeck returns with ‘Drown’

    September 20, 2019  /  Lonelyspeck


    Mysterious artist Lonelyspeck is back with their latest single ‘Drown’. Merging elements of R&B, electronica and rock for a sound that is truly original, their latest single carries a left-field sensibility and [READ MORE]

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  • LOVA implores fathers to be positive role models on shining new electo-pop single ‘Daddy Issues’

    September 18, 2019  /  Lova

    At just 21-years-old, Swedish singer and songwriter LOVA is crafting thoughtful and catchy pop bops that belie her years. Her latest offering ‘Daddy Issues’ is a rallying call to dads, imploring [READ MORE]

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  • Zard embarks on a shamelessly 80s trip in ‘Trust Issues’

    September 13, 2019  /  Zard

    Love some shameless 80s pop? If so, then Zard has got you sorted. Utilising analogue synths, funk undertones and unabashed guitar riffing, the mysterious Arizonian artist captures the authenticity of the era [READ MORE]

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  • On her latest single, yergirl calls out an ex’s preference for ‘Girls Like Me’

    September 14, 2019  /  yergurl


    19 year old yergurl is a songwriter, vocalist and producer making dreamy pop beats in her bedroom. Growing up in the rural Victorian town of Bendigo, yergurl describes the moments of here life [READ MORE]

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  • Pop powerhouse BETSIE GØLD is calling out a cheater on empowering anthem ‘Only One’

    September 11, 2019  /  BETSIE GØLD


    So early into her recording career, BETSIE GØLD has made a hugely emphatic statement on her second single ‘Only One’. While her first single ‘Craving You’ is a sultry love song, [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Don’t Know Me Without You’ is an colourful electronic pop riot from Featurette

    September 9, 2019  /  Featurette


    Toronto-based duo Featurette have released their latest single ‘Don’t Know Me Without You’. The track is a colourful electronic pop riot, a journey in self discovery extenuated by Lexie Jay’s impassioned [READ MORE]

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  • Mysterious artist Bavé recounts the sombre tale of ‘Kimberly White’

    September 5, 2019  /  Bavé

    Mysterious artist Bavé returns with his latest single ‘Kimberly White’. The first outing to be revealed from his forthcoming EP Vermouth, the new single merges bassy tones, deep synth and restless percussion to create [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Love Is Real’ is the rousing new electro-pop single from HIRSCH

    September 5, 2019  /  HIRSCH

    Channelling huge Depeche Mode vibes, HIRSCH has returned with his latest single ‘Love Is Real’. Actor Emile Hirsch uses his music to reveal his own inner passions, as a juxtaposition [READ MORE]

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  • Rachel Thomasin crafts a warped and eclectic world within new single ‘Distortion’

    August 31, 2019  /  Rachel Thomasin

    Rachel Thomasin is a vocalist, songwriter, and producer from Boston who crafts infectious and atmospheric pop music with strong vocals and an eclectic variety of synths, samplers, and instruments. Her [READ MORE]

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