• Explore Paris ‘Deep In The Night’ with the haunting ECHO

    February 16, 2018  /  ECHO


    Location: Paris FFO: Marian Hill, PLYA Label: Enchanté Records Here at Born Music we love our french contemporaries, and ECHO is no exception. Despite being experienced in creating music, the singer-songwriter is fairly new to [READ MORE]

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  • Me Not You release rad new single ‘Surfers’

    February 16, 2018  /  Me Not You


    Location: New York City, NY FFO: Telete, darkDARK Label: MNY Music Vibrant New York duo, Me Not You, have released their rad new track ‘Surfers’, their third single from upcoming EP Reckoning 2. ‘Surfers’ continues the [READ MORE]

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  • isle&fever explode into 2018 with summer anthem ‘We’re Not Broken’

    February 15, 2018  /  isle&fever


    Location: Los Angeles FFO: Midnight Mystery Club, Alex Frankel Label: Unsigned   Created in their basement on vintage instruments, isle&fever unveil their first release of the year: ‘We’re Not Broken’. Channelling their passion for 70’s [READ MORE]

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  • Rina Sawayama sets the mood for unadulterated loving with ‘Valentine’

    February 14, 2018  /  Rina Sawayama

    Location: London FFO: Anna Wise, Karj Faux Label: 88rising Music / EMPIRE   Rina Sawayama gets us ready for valentine’s day with sensual “Cute R&B” gem ‘Valentine (What’s It Gonna Be)’. Taking inspiration from the [READ MORE]

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  • Saro exposes all in ‘Boy Afraid’

    February 13, 2018  /  Saro


    Location: Los Angeles, CA FFO: mAsis, Biyo Label: Mateo Sound LA songwriter/musician Saro isn’t afraid to expose his emotions, illustrated by his latest single ‘Boy Afraid’. As the fifth track on his EP of [READ MORE]

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  • Marian Hill’s inspiring success is no ‘Subtle Thing’

    February 13, 2018  /  Marian Hill


    Location: Philadelphia, PA FFO: Kiiara, Tei Shi Label: Republic Records Pioneering electronic R&B songwriting duo Jeremy Lloyd and Samantha Gongol, aka Marian Hill, are finally back with their first release in a year. The indulgent ‘Subtle [READ MORE]

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  • Get ‘Lost’ in The Swoons’ new dreamy single

    February 12, 2018  /  The Swoons


    Location: London / Toronto FFO: Zola Blood, White Kite Label: Unsigned Electronic pop trio, Matt Underwood, Tony Ann and Giacomo Timbrello, better known as The Swoons, have released their latest single, ‘Lost’, which is the [READ MORE]

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  • NEO NOIR push boundaries with the edgy ‘Made For You’

    February 12, 2018  /  NEO NOIR


    Location: Los Angeles, CA FFO: BVRNOUT, Mercy X Label: Lowly Palace LA-based producers and future-bass/trap duo, Bradley Allan and Greg Ogan, have teamed up for new project, NEO NOIR. Producers are too often the [READ MORE]

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  • Chrystal’s seemingly effortless sound is ‘2 Real’

    February 9, 2018  /  Chrystal


    Location: Bolton FFO: Nemi, HËXĖ Label: 37 Adventures Bolton-born Chrystal has dropped a third single ‘2 Real’ which is as polished and dynamic as the others. Despite being relatively new on the music scene, Chrystal is making [READ MORE]

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