• Loome’s out-of-this-world electronica soars to ‘Dizzie’ new heights

    November 14, 2018  /  Loome

    Location: UK FFO: Modern Nomad, Porches Label: Chilli Tribe Records “Ever been ‘Dizzie’ in love and wondering why opposites attract?” ask Loome, the genre-bending synthwave-poppers set to ear-worm their way to the top of [READ MORE]

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  • On her latest slick offering, Madison Beer hopes that losing her ‘Hurts Like Hell’

    November 13, 2018  /  Madison Beer


    Location: New York, US FFO: Charlie XCX, Maggie Lindemann Label: Access Records The trajectory of Madison Beer‘s career has remarkable, in just a few years she has cultivated a huge fan base [READ MORE]

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  • South London’s 11 showcase the ‘Best of Me’ on their latest single

    November 12, 2018  /  11


    Location: London, UK FFO: Passion Pit, The Hunna Label: KarmaKarma South London duo James Lamb and Richard Craker form 11. An indie electro outfit that look to slot alongside their contemporaries with their flashy, [READ MORE]

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  • Wavewalkrs consolidate on their ambitious electronica project with ‘#truthlies’

    November 12, 2018  /  Wavewalkrs


    Location: Ukraine FFO: Whethan, Odesza, Flume Label: Unsigned Combining the energy and uncertainty of live music with cold, brooding electronica, Wavewalkrs have used their winning formula on debut single, ‘#truthlies’. [READ MORE]

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  • Willa serves to inspire and captivate on her cathartic latest single ‘Cause You Did’

    November 12, 2018  /  Willa


    Location: Toronto, Canada FFO: Ryn Weaver, Chløë Black Label: Black Box Recordings Synesthesia is a condition in which one sense (for example, hearing) is simultaneously perceived as if by one or more additional senses such [READ MORE]

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  • OK Button return with their second sublime single, ‘Beds’

    November 9, 2018  /  OK Button

    Location: Scotland FFO: Koan Sound & Asa, Sorrow Label: Unsigned Born out of a chance encounter in an underground Scottish venue, OK Button are the electro-pop trio dead set on changing the game with [READ MORE]

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  • Gaspar Narby speaks ‘Words of July’ in this nostalgic summer piece

    November 9, 2018  /  Gaspar Narby

    Location: London FFO: Still Haze, Aybner Label: nourish. London-based Swiss producer Gaspar Narby teams up with vocalist LEES on this smooth R&B number, ‘Words of July.’ Wisftul post-summer melodies float over crisp electro-beats as songwriter LEES [READ MORE]

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  • Gritty ballad ‘Down’ further showcases Lydia Evangeline’s immense potential

    November 8, 2018  /  Lydia Evangeline


    Location: Brighton, UK FFO: Sigrid, Maggie Rogers Label: Bespoke Records Lydia Evangeline is making waves with her glut of singles she has released since stepping out on her own. ‘Down’ is another prime [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Curious’ is further evidence that Lucy Whittaker is set for bigger things

    November 8, 2018  /  Lucy Whittaker

    Location: London, UK FFO: Haim, Charlie XCX Label: Unsigned Often described as a heavyweight within the unsigned music scene, it only looks to be a matter of time before Lucy Whittaker emerges from the [READ MORE]

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