• ELIZZA isn’t ashamed of her ‘Sins’

    April 9, 2019  /  ELIZZA


    Location: United Kingdom FFO: Sigrid, Glowie, Astrid S Label: Unsigned ELIZZA makes her 2019 debut with the anthemic ‘Sins’, as a testament to the power of passion, the song captures [READ MORE]

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  • TUIMI debut’s with fierce single ‘Purpose’

    March 12, 2019  /  TUIMI


    Location: Berlin, Germany FFO: Ava Max, Charlie XCX Label: Unsigned Tuimi releases her debut single ‘Purpose’ featuring Gizmo. Coming fresh from Berlin, she brings her unique mix of Vietnamese-German infused [READ MORE]

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  • Be ready to ‘Shut It Down’ , the new debut from Jabez Davis

    February 26, 2019  /  Jabez Davis


    Location: Portland, United States FFO: Meek Mill,  2 Chainz Label: Unsigned Portland based hip hop artist Jabez Davis makes his debut with ‘Shut It Down’, giving listeners a glimpse into [READ MORE]

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  • Get Ready To Be Amazed With Hannah Evans’ Debut ‘Under Water’

    February 22, 2019  /  Hannah Evans

    Location: Brighton, UK FFO: Billie Eilish, NAO Record Label: Unsigned Well, Brighton, it’s time to hear your Billie Eilish. An astounding debut, Hannah Evans‘ ‘Under Water’ is a dark, brooding pop song that will [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Leave Me Cold’ is the rousing debut single from rising electro-pop upstart Freddie Future

    February 5, 2019  /  Freddie Future


    Location: Toronto, Canada FFO: Majid Jordan, Motions Label: Freddie Future/ Physical Presents The debut single from Freddie Future has immediately established his unique sound. ‘Leave Me Cold’ is a showcase of the artists fresh [READ MORE]

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  • Talullah wants to be ‘More Than Friends’ on her sultry new single

    December 13, 2018  /  Tallulah

    Location: Peckham, UK FFO: En Vogue, Gabrielle Label: Unsigned Peckham upstart Tallulah‘s first glimpse of her upcoming debut EP Purple comes in the form of ‘More Than Friends.’ ‘More Than Friends’ is a piece of [READ MORE]

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  • Lunarcy bring a dash of post-punk ‘Lunarcy’ with their debut single

    December 5, 2018  /  Lunarcy


    Location: Bristol FFO: King Krule, Wire Label: Unsigned Need to spice up your life with a little bit of ‘Lunarcy?’ The Bristol-based band debut their chaotic but controlled sound with a new self-titled [READ MORE]

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  • Kitzl shares her striking debut single ‘Armadilla’

    November 29, 2018  /  KITZL


    Location: Ontario, Canada FFO: FKA Twigs, Karen O Label: Unsigned Canadian producer and songstress Kitzl has shared her debut single and video for ‘Armadilla’ – an enchanting delve into her unique sonic psyche. It’s an [READ MORE]

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  • Alyssa Wettlaufer is tired of ‘Secondhand Smoke’ on her debut single

    October 9, 2018  /  Alyssa Wettlaufer


    Location: Michigan, USA FFO: Caroline Spence, Molly Parden Label: Unsigned Detroit-based singer-songwriter Alyssa Wettlaufer has released ‘Secondhand Smoke’, the first single from the young artists solo career. This stripped back, sombre track establishes [READ MORE]

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