• B. Hamilton has released the emotive ‘Song for T.W.’

    November 12, 2019  /  B. Hamilton

    The second offering from B. Hamilton’s Nothing and Nowhere, we’ve been treated to the incredibly personal and emotive ‘Song for T.W’. The track comes alongside the release of the full length. Narratively the [READ MORE]

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  • Incrdible latest ÄTNA single ‘Try’ is equal parts perplexing and deeply rousing

    November 6, 2019  /  ÄTNA


    German duo ÄTNA have released their deeply rousing and captivating latest single ‘Try’. The track is a slow burning and atmospheric diamond. It builds and builds, delicately and precisely, snowballing in intensity. [READ MORE]

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  • Fever Days are at their addictive best on latest single ‘Drugs’

    October 30, 2019  /  Fever Days


    Since crawling into our ears on the paranoid alt-pop powerhouse ‘What’s Your Problem’,  Newcastle Upon Tyne’s Fever Days have been cemented in our radar as an act to keep a [READ MORE]

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  • The Blue Stones unveil the swaggering ‘Shakin’ Off The Rust’

    October 11, 2019  /  The Blue Stones

    It seems that there’s always some great new track or other emerging from Canada in this day and age. Now it’s set for blues rock to find its newest hitmaker [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Nobody’s Fool’ is the crushingly relentless new single from Hull’s NEWMEDS

    October 4, 2019  /  NEWMEDS


    Hull alternative rockers NEWMEDS return with new single, ‘Nobody’s Fool’, out on September 27 via Man Demolish Records. With their hometown of Hull recently crowned UK City of Culture, and [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Say What You Want’ is the incendiary new single from Toronto hard rock outfit Uforia

    October 2, 2019  /  Uforia


    Toronto hard rock outfit Uforia have returned with their stomping new single ‘Say What You Want’. It it crushingly heavy at times while being beautifully melodic at others, mastering the [READ MORE]

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  • Finer Things establish their infectious melodic rock sound on debut single ‘To The Bone’

    September 27, 2019  /  Finer Things


    British melodic rock outfit Finer Things have released their debut single ‘To The Bone’. Tonally, the track sits somewhere between pop punk and rock, echoing the melodic sensibilies of Lower [READ MORE]

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  • ‘I’m Not Myself’ is the emotionally charged new single from Brighton dark-pop outfit BADLAWS.

    September 25, 2019  /  BADLAWS.

    Brighton dark-pop outfit BADLAWS. are back and better than ever on new track ‘I’m Not Myself’. The track is about dealing with inner demons whilst trying to please other people. The [READ MORE]

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  • The Citie aren’t convinced by their ex or their ‘Sad Eyes’ on their latest single

    September 18, 2019  /  The Citie


    California outfit The Citie have returned with their latest single ‘Sad Eyes’. The track, an ode to “all your shitty ex’s” is a scathing assessment of its subject matter. The [READ MORE]

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