September 27, 2017  /  Nilüfer Yanya

Location: London, UK

FFO: Skinshape, Otzeki

Label: Blue Flowers Music

Following on from July’s acclaimed Plant Feed EP, London based indie singer-songwriter Nilüfer Yanya releases ‘Baby Luv’. Gradually growing from a simple chord progression the track is invigorated by the singer’s etheral voice and otherworldly keys. Touches of percussion fill in the gaps between chords and breaths while her harmonies help add drive to the song. The track is one long crescendo which builds to around the 2:30 mark where handclaps and electronics add a dance element to this indie track.

Speaking of the meaning of the song Nilüfer said, “I’m still working out what this song means exactly. There’s a lot of questioning going on , I keep asking myself the same question- but it has a different meaning each time”. Yet despite the uncertainty of the song’s meaning, one thing is for sure; you will definitely hit repeat.