May 16, 2018  /  Young Sierra

Location: London, UK

FFO: MAD M.A.C., The 1975

Record Label: Broadcast Recording Co.

‘The Lights’ is a rousing, epic alt-pop anthem that will catapult Young Sierra into stardom. ‘The Lights’ is an anthem worthy single, managing to bring together many different synths and electronic instrumentation to form a pop song that is larger than life, and almost bordering on organic sounding. Electric guitars, saxophones, rising strings, choral harmonies, this track has it all. The band described the meaning behind the song, stating that ‘The song is about moving to a new city, having all of these new experiences and being lucky enough to share them with someone. ‘The Lights’ is about London, but I’ve felt this way in so many places around the world.

This release for ‘The Lights’ on Spotify is the continuation of an ongoing project for the band. They are releasing a song each month of 2018, forming the basis for their album, with each song adding another feature of the artwork to the final album. Ben from the band explained the thought behind this release: ‘Spotify has changed the game and we love the fact that now songs that don’t fit the ‘chart single’ stereotype can have a life of their own. Our album is a body of work, a collective of tracks, but we’ve challenged ourselves to make ten songs that are addictive in their own right.’.

Listen to the track below on Spotify, and discover another piece of the jigsaw to the final artwork for their upcoming album.