December 6, 2017  /  Homaze

Location: Biel/Bienne, Switzerland

FFO: Disclosure, Oh Wonder, Passion Pit

Label: Homaze Music

Swiss electro-pop duo Homaze expose their darker side with their hauntingly personal new release ‘Knew About Me’. The track has a swirling rhythm, accompanied by ethereal synths and vocals that add a deceptively melancholic ambience. Despite this, the track remains surprisingly upbeat, which reflects the idea that the duo aim to rise above the negativity they have faced – turning darkness into light. The poignancy in the track is that it is painfully relatable.

“The song is about betrayal and being hurt by someone on a very personal level,” explains Dario. “We’ve both been wronged by people in the past in such a way that letting it out in a song for once really allows us to explore new facets of our own creativity, turning negativity into something positive that maybe some people will be able to relate to.”