May 18, 2018  /  Equateur

Location: France

FFO: Kavinsky, M83, Chromatics

Record Label: Unsigned

EQUATEUR is back, with the music video for ‘Neon Eyes’, a dystopian future soundtracked by analogue synths and epic soundscapes. ‘Neon Eyes’ is exciting and fresh, a track that would have been perfect for the soundtrack to ‘Drive’. Having already been compared to fellow French native Kavinsky, Charles Rocher, the man behind the name, is in very good company.

And accompanying this fantastic song is an equally wondrous animated music video. Made in the Unity video game engine, this is a future in which all hell brakes loose due to one hacker and possible overlords. With fantastic imagery and cinematography, this is the sort of video that could easily be made into a successful video game or film. A song that feels like it is ready for the neon-lit future, it is only fitting that such a vivid music video accompanies it.

This is single is in preparation for EQUATEUR’s debut album, ‘Burn The Sun’, a hotly anticipated debut from a talented French producer.