October 11, 2017  /  CATALINE

Location: Los Angeles, US

FFO: The Foxies, Apollo LTD

Label: Mont Eagle Records

Brent Puls aka CATALINE is a Chicago born producer, musician and lover of astrophysics. On his second EP, ‘Disentanglement’, all three of these interests interact and produce a work which sounds like Spiritualized’s ‘Ladies and Gentlemen…’ with less pills and more pop. The single ‘You Are Not Alone’ is the crowning glory of the EP; dishing out dystopia and dance melodies in equal measure. It is pop with the sound of the eighties, the spirit of the sixties and the suspicions of today. Synths mix with a standard verse-chorus progression and an outlook which attempts optimism but can only manage a wry smile: we are not alone, but who else is out there?