May 11, 2018  /  Yonaka

Location: Brighton, England

FFO: Fizzy Blood, Anteros, Dream Wife

Label: Asylum Records UK

No one does it quite like Yonaka. The Brighton-based quartet formed in college back in 2014, releasing their debut single ‘Ignorance’ two years later, and since then, they’ve been blasting shows and tearing speakers like the wild offspring of Yeah Yeah Yeah’s and Royal Blood.

‘F.W.T.B.’ is the four-piece’s latest effort, and if you a newbie to Yonaka’s sound, prepare to have your mind (and ears) well and truly blown. Exuding rock ‘n’ roll swagger in a way only they really can, the track boasts face-melting riffs and storming percussion, and let’s not forget the peerless vocal delivery and on-point lyricism of frontwoman Theresa Jarvis. It’s an absolute anthem, and true to their word, you really are “f**king with the boss now.”