May 4, 2018  /  Yellow Shoots

Location: New York, USA

FFO: Bootsy Collins, Childish Gambino (Awaken My Love Era), Lafayette Afro Rock Band

Record Label: Unsigned

‘Desert Rose’ sees Yellow Shoots shoot his psychedelic funk into the stratosphere. This is mood music, and Yellow Shoots specialises in it. Desert Rose is a song that takes the listener on a trip. Synths, guitar, bass, drums, harmonised vocals, they are all mixed together with a healthy dose of reverb that gives the track charisma and all round funk. This song is akin to listening to the best of Bootsy Collins while floating in space.

What makes Yellow Shoots a great artist is his grasp on multiple genres. Having dabbled in r’n’b, soul, electronic music and psychedelic rock, there is really nothing the man can’t do. This latest single is released in anticipation of his long overdue debut album ‘everything’, which is being released in June 2018.

Yellow Shoots has a firm grasp on all things funk, and we can think of no better music to listen to while staring at the summer’s sky.