May 13, 2018  /  Written Years

Location: Vancouver

FFO: Lake Jons, Tracer Flare

Label: Unsigned

Vancouver-based quartet Written Years have shared their latest single, ‘Superficial Feeling;’ a moving track that combines elements of alt-rock, pop and ethereal dance in it’s melodic vocal hooks and sweeping electronics.

During the time of writing for their forthcoming album, vocalist and songwriter Wade Ouellet inexplicably lost his voice, working in near isolation for months on a new batch of tunes. ‘Superficial Feeling’ is a result of that time, and the raw emotion and feeling is evident in the wistful sounds and poignant lyricism.

“This song really feels like something special to me and the next step for Written Years,” explains vocalist Wade Ouellet. “It’s a corrupt little 2 a.m. love song about finding yourself in this strange world.”