November 15, 2017  /  Wool Sucker

Location: New York, US

FFO: Radiohead, Wilco

Label: Unsigned

Bearing the imprint of producer Kevin Salem (Rachael Yamagata, Yo La Tengo), Wool Sucker’s latest track is an alt-rock meets alienated Americana masterpiece. ‘Rusalka (Drown With Me)’ begins with a simple, dark, descending riff which supports shaking, vulnerable vocal lines. Drums lead to further experimentation, as keys disorientate the mix. Guitars are gradually added, the rhythms become arrhythmic and the track nearly falls apart before the final chord comes. We can’t wait for Wool Sucker’s debut album, Plastic Wings (coming January 2018), and be sure to check out the creepy and crazy video for ‘Rusalka (Drown With Me)’ below: