May 10, 2018  /  Wildheart

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

FFO: Holy Now, Dolce

Label: AWAL

Swedish boundary-pushing electro pop outfit Wildhart have finally announced the release of their new EP Caught In A Fisheye and have dropped the chilled ‘New Beginning’ in the run-up. This EP, set for release in the summer, is the follow-up to their debut album Shine which was released back in 2016. A lot has changed over the following two years; the trio has become a duo, there is a clear progression in their sound and the rhythm section has been replaced with sample-based beats, leaving more room for Ylva Holmdahl’s vocals to soar in all their dynamic glory. ‘New Beginning’ truly marks a new beginning.

Wildhart revealed the meaning behind the lyrical themes of ‘New Beginning’: “‘New Beginning’ is about the moment when you’re about to let go of something that’s been dragging you down for a long time. There is a sense of sadness through the song but, there’s also a feeling of peacefulness and joy.”