October 31, 2018  /  AmPm

Location: Tokyo, Japan

FFO: Halsey, Benny Blanco

Label: Avex Entertainment inc. / Play Records

Japanese electro-duo AmPm have been making waves in the Eastern music scene since they released their scorching debut single ‘Best Part Of Us’ last year. Fast forward to 2018, and the duo have been tirelessly spreading their influence across the globe, attaining a spot at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival alongside live performances with Galantis and Jonas Blue.

Now they return with ‘Who do you love?’, a fun pop blast featuring guest vocals from LA’s Gloria Kim. Full of bass-heavy beats and pulsing electro-synth, the piece brings a tropical twinge to their mellow electric sound that yet again showcases the dynamic duo’s deft productional hand and peerless pop sensibilities. Kim’s sugar-sweet vocal also brings a touch of class to a track guaranteed to keep you warm and on your feet through the cold winter months.

“The song is about someone who wants to know if their significant other is in the relationship for fame/money or for a genuine connection,” explain AmPm. “This song was written after seeing celebrity headlines of broken relationships. In a way, it goes back and forth between insecurity and self-interest and a kick of attitude.”