September 26, 2018  /  Charlie Steel

Location: London, UK

FFO: Kate Nash, Elijah Who

Label: Unsigned

Whether you like “staying in” or “going out,” UK rapper and producer Charlie Steel has the soundtrack for your night with his debut single ‘Staying in Going Out.’

A down-to-earth lo-fi bop, ‘Staying in Going Out’ is all that and more, bringing a deliciously unique flavour with it’s meandering bedroom pop beats and laid-back, rolling melodies. Revolving around the anxieties of parties and hanging out with people “as honest as a modern politician,” Steel flows over the beat with a casual-cool attitude, delivering punchy lines and relatable snippets about a girl working 9 to 5’s and living for the Fridays. It’s like lo-fi hip hop teamed up with a male Kate Nash, and it’s absolutely brilliant.

With a debut EP in the works aiming to be released in the coming year, keep your eyes and ears peeled for more Charlie Steel.