May 9, 2018  /  Sea Girls

Location: London

FFO: The Night Café, Paris Youth Foundation, The Magic Gang

Label: Unsigned

Sing-a-long choruses, stage-ready riffs and raucously catchy hooks, this is Sea Girls at their best, dropping yet another anthem-in-waiting. Lifted from their upcoming EP Adored set for release in June, the band are primed for a 2018 breakthrough, bringing their frenetic and energetic live-show to The Great Escape festival in just over a week, and their first headline show this year. It’s exciting times for a band that have more than earned their spot at the top indie table.

‘Too Much Fun’ is drenched in warm, summer vibes, recounting tales of summers gone-by and all the fun, youthful excitement and partying – maybe a little too much – that comes with it.

“It’s a city story about a complicated chaotic summer of love.” explains frontman Henry Camamile. “It’s about capturing the excitement and anticipation from our youth. Triggered by hearing a siren out the window, the lyrics are of memories flooding back of the previous summer’s excess, humour and playing with fire. And what’s more dangerous than crossing your best friend. Terrible behaviour.”

“The words ‘wanna see the king play in the park’ harks to reading about Bowie playing at a bandstand in Beckenham and us all seeing the Kings Of Leon as kids, forming the crazed idea of forming a band together one day that could support them. Fundamentally it’s telling someone – maybe a friend – that they party a little too much, too often. Maybe that’s the letter of love…”