June 6, 2018  /  Welcome Centre

Location: USA

FFO: LCD Soundsystem, My Bloody Valentine, New Order

Record label: Independent

Debut of the Week: ‘Rust’

‘Rust’ is an atmospheric electronic-pop song by American band Welcome Center. It has a tranquil backing track until the chorus kicks in with an electronic loop accompanied by cut-throat lyrics “Let’s laugh until our bodies rust”.

“Inspired by the textually-melodic depth of acts like Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine and backed by a thick, crunchy synth-bass line and 90’s-inspired IDM drums, ‘Rust’ is a song that pushed the boundaries of what we initially thought Welcome Center would be,” share the band.

After twelve years of refining their craft in various projects ranging from folk to French-house, songwriter/producers Jesse Smith and Aaron Sternick have teamed up to bring you the soundtrack to the party for the afterlife.

Jesse Smith and Aaron Sternick make up Welcome Center, a duo from America. The electronic indie-rock band that lays contemplative lyrics over insistent guitar work and a bed of 80’s analog-synthesizers inspired by artists such as LCD Soundsystem.

“This was one of those songs where we knew we were onto something special the minute we began working on it– as if we were watching ourselves have a small epiphany in the third person. Lyrically, it’s a lot less straightforward than the other two songs featured on our first EP, ‘Disorder.’ Instead of explicitly stating any concrete meaning, the somewhat-gothic/isolated imagery of the lyrics leave their meaning open to interpretation, as noted by the most prominent line in the song ‘laugh until our bodies rust.”

The duo has just completed their first 25+ date tour across the South and Northeast of America. Welcome Center is about to gear up to release their 3-song ‘Disorder’ EP, which is coming out soon.