May 9, 2018  /  Ages and Ages

Location: Portland, USA

FFO: OK GO, Typhoon, Hey Marseilles

Record Label: Knitting Factory Records Inc

Ages and Ages are masters of combining lucid pop melodies with harrowing political commentary, and latest single ‘Needle And Thread’ is no different. Ages and Ages have been a mainstay of Portland music for nearly a decade now, and have made a habit of making songs about current political issues. on ‘Needle And Thread’, the band combine some of the sweetest pop songwriting with some of the most bleak political commentary seen in 2018, creating what could only be described as a big mixing pot of irony.

Band leader Tim Perry succinctly summarises the meaning behind the title of the song and the lyrics: ‘When I look out, I see our current polarized socio/political/cultural environment as one continuous, tattered and crusty piece of fabric – and here I am with my needle and thread, not so sure how or even if I want to weave myself into it all. The words “needle” and “thread” never come up in this song. Our SEO guy is pretty upset about this.* But make no mistake, this is a song about weaving, plain and simple. Maybe you’ve struggled with the temptation to disengage, but have come to find that disengaging doesn’t actually free you from the fabric, it just relegates you to some threadbare and irrelevant section – still getting strung along, but serving no real purpose and keeping nobody warm. And this is when you might say to yourself: get up, get up…’. In such a tumultuous time for politics, ‘Needle And Thread’ serves as a perfect reminder for us all to not become overwhelmed and to take a stand.