May 11, 2018  /  Pacific

Location: Northwich, UK

FFO: fun., The Hooziers, Muse

Record Label: 

Piano is often forgotten in modern indie, but Pacific bring it back with a vengeance on ‘Should Have Known’. This latest single is a roaring success, an anthemic piano and synth led triumph that harks back to the days of The Hooziers and Muse (before all that dubstep). This is a song with epic hooks and tremendous tension building bridges.

Pacific are a four piece comprising brothers Anthony and Daniel Orzel who take up the songwriting duties, with Dave Bithell and Drew Burns making up the unit. The band are prolific, having already released a plethora of singles and an EP. Garnering backing from Huw Stephens and Mark Radcliffe and having played at Old Trafford, the band are already prepping themselves for massive mainstream success.